Summer Super Foods – Strawberies

strawberriesWhat food is more associated with British summers than the humble strawberry? Its short season, June to mid August, has been much extended by the use of poly tunnels. Eating when perfect, not too ripe or unripe, i.e. when they are most vibrant in colour, also gives the best nutritionally. Store them in an enclosed place in your fridge, increasing humidity and therefore minimising nutrient loss.

In fruit, Strawberries come 4th in ranking for overall level of anti-oxidant, behind blackberries, cranberries and raspberries. The anti-oxidant effect of strawberries comes from large amounts of vitamin C, but more is provided from other phytonutrients in particular anthocyanins, which gives them their red colour (also present in red wine!). Strawberries have also been shown to improve blood sugar regulation. Haven’t you heard this before – yes when I told you about blackberries – have you got the message that eating colour is good!

How should we enjoy them:

  • With yoghurt (plain live) goats, cows or soya
  • In a smoothie: combine with yoghurt, banana or other berries
  • Dipped in dark chocolate
  • With your porridge or other cereal
  • In a salad – try with romain lettuce, feta and sliced almonds + dressing
  • With black pepper and balsamic vinegar
  • Unadulterated – just on their own