Summer Super Foods – Green Leaves

greensMany associate summers with salads and a great way to form the base of your salad is with lettuce. They’re easy to grow in your garden or on your window sill and readily available. Green leafy vegetables are not used abundantly in the western diet, but were a major part of our ancestor’s diet. Their nutrient dense nature gives them the title “Nutritional powerhouses”.

Chlorophyll is created and used by all green plants allowing them to perform photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert sunlight into energy. Chlorophyll has been called plant blood, because, like Haemoglobin, contains a single molecule of iron. That’s one of the reasons why green vegetables are nutritious.

  • excellent levels of vitamin C helps the absorption of iron
  • excellent vitamin K1 content, a less well known vitamin essential for blood clotting, but also bone and vascular health
  • Good levels of omega 3 fats which are an essential fat generally deficient in the western diet.

Generally the darker the leaf the higher the level of nutrients. Enjoy a variety of green leaves including, Romaine, Cos, butter head, watercress, rocket and baby spinach. The fat soluble vitamins A & K are better absorbed with fat; use a dressing or cook with oil.