Some of my favourite recipes …

  • This delicious satiating treat from nutrient dense foods with the acidity from the lemon complementing the smooth mouth feel from the fats.

  • This is great way of getting plenty of essential fatty acids and greens into an all time favourite.

  • I sent this into my sons class Christmas party and one of his friends described it as the “best chocolate brownie ever” and “it doesn’t have sugar!!” Well refined sugar anyway.

  • An excellent way of giving your fermented cabbage some of its own personality. Try this traditional recipe.

  • Chia seeds as well as wonderfully nutritious provide a functionality which is utilised in these quick and easy puddings. The nutritional content of them makes an ideal pudding choice for every day.

  • Pumpkin the star of this nutrient rich curry contains carotenoids which give it its orange colour. This fat soluble group of phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants and are particularly good for the skin as well as eye health.

  • A great way to introduce your children to green smoothies. Are you thinking the idea of a green smoothie is actually rather gross? Well read on and give it a go.

  • Experimental along a Paleo theme: this takes up the sweetness from beetroots and uses a mixture of cocoa, coconut and ground almonds as a "flour". Making it packed full of antioxidants and with a low glycaemic load.

  • These savoury flapjacks are another good source of fibre and also provide a great vehicle for some omega 3 and omega 6 rich seeds. The sustaining combination of whole grains and protein makes these ideal for a school lunch box.

  • Home made Hummus is really easy to make it takes 5-10minutes if you have a good food processor. This version has turmeric added to it, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Dahl
  • This is a slight variation on the Dahl I cooked for my “Dine below the Line” dinner party based on 33p per head. It therefore uses the cheapest ingredients you can buy. I encourage you in being fugal to use vegetables that need using or indeed pulses you already have.

  • The recipe makes use of the whole of the orange, frugal, but also providing more fibre and phytonutients in particular d-limoinene, which has positive health benefits. I have taken a quarter of the sugar out of the recipe which I think still makes a very acceptable cake.

  • Chocolates

    Cocoa is a well used ingredient in our house we often use it in porridge or make a milky drink with or without the need to add some sugar or honey. You can even make your own mocha. This simple recipe uses any pure form of cacao or cocoa blended with coconut oil ...

  • Truffles

    Here's a simple recipe for truffles that are quick and easy to make and are great as gifts ... or just a handy snack !