Meaty Moments – Beef

Having decided that I needed to start eating some meat for health reasons , I have put off the task ‘till the new year. Now, more than a week into January, my daughter, G, is keen to get me started.  My initial thoughts were to start on a bone broth, something that wouldn’t have any textural issues, but still provide nutritional benefit. 20140111_170518[1]But it just seemed simpler to take the plunge with some mince. As my daughter is keen on Spag-bol, I decided that would be my first taste of meat in 25 years.

Together we make the ethical choice of Waitrose premium organic grass fed beef, The cost is the first surprise – £5.98, but G quickly puts it in the basket fearful, I think, that I will change my mind. I’m glad she likes meat despite being brought up vegetarian, the statistics on anaemia in teenage girls definitely warrants inclusion of red meat in girls’ diets. We cooked the bolognaise with a good amount of20140111_170831[1] veg. to help the dish appeal to me, G seemed to think that wasn’t right, but luckily approved of the finished result.

For me there was no fanfares, no gagging, no refusal at the first hurdle; I simply ate it. Did I enjoy it? Can’t say I did really. But it was ok and in some respects made me nostalgic for meals from my childhood. So I’ve made a start. Georgia is now expecting this every time her friends come for tea. I’m not sure how the budget will cope with this, so definitely need to research other options of good sources of local meat, ideas most welcome.

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