GREEN SMOOTHIES kids (and adults) will want to drink


Are you thinking the idea of a green smoothie is actually rather gross? They look like slime and surely must taste like mushed up grass or at best funky socks.  However, with careful adaptation to your own taste, you can soon grow to love this wonderful green stuff!

Green leafs are the powerhouses of vegetables and have awesome nutritional benefits such as; Vitamins A, C, K1, iron of course, folates, omega 3’ fats, phytonutients … we know we need to eat them … the cave men did! By adding them to fruit smoothies and mixing to our own palette, we can become accustomed to the taste of green.

So, ditch the processed cereals for breakfast and assault your body with a massive hit of nutrients which will leave you zinging all day.  Or, top up in the afternoon when you feel an energy slump coming on.

Here’s how…  enough for 2-3 glasses…

Add the ingredients in the order below and liquidise with as powerful a blender as you have, of course the colour will depend on what you add…

 Step 1:   LIQUID (1 CUP)

milk or milk substitute of your choice or water

Step 2:  GREENS (1-2 HANDFULS)

spinach, kale, watercress ect.

Step 3: FRUIT (1CUP)

mangoes, strawberries, orange, apples, pineapple, blueberries, pears, frozen fruit is a good option

 Step 4: CREAMY FRUIT (1 OF)

banana or avocado


seeds, nuts, coconut oil, nut butters


Sweetener: honey, dates, extra banana, fruit syrups

Flavours: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, lime lemon, ginger