Diversity for your Guts sake

Ever wondered “What does a Nutritional Therapist eat?” well you might be about to find out.  I’m  always keen to set myself a goal which will help me make some beneficial changes to my diet.  So what about the 50 foods in 7 days challenge.  Can’t be that hard can it?

Inspired by Miguel Torbibio-Mateas the BANT chair who recently published a paper,

Harnessing the Power of Microbiome Assessment Tools as Part of Neuroprotective Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Interventions

an excellent paper to read even for the lay person.  The paper fills you in on how and why the the microbiome (thats the bugs in our gut and other places) is so important, it also talks about what can be done to get your microbiome in optimal working order or at least going in the right direction.

The bottom line is we should be feeding our gut with wonderful brightly coloured plant foods and the larger the diversity  seems to correlate nicely with the diversity of bacteria in your gut which is a good thing.  In fact benefits have been seen for those eating more that 30 plants per week.

I stuck to different whole foods I’d eaten which is sneaky because it doesn’t show the more processed foods that I have eaten – focusing on the good stuff.

So, Monday it goes very well, the standard bowel of porridge for breakfast, a big old egg salad for lunch and a chicken and bean Tagine for dinner I get a score of 20 different foods.  Which is good and many of these foods get used over the course of the week, which isn’t bad, but to increase the diversity becomes more and more difficult.

I soon see a couple of areas which could help, breakfast is quite commonly a meal where we reach for the same food every day weather its, breakfast cereals or toast or in my case porridge – yes even in the summer.  Its a go to safe an easy option.  Easy to cook up a breakfast as I did on Tuesday and include some vegetables.

The other area a quick win for me is to eat some fruit, not a problem for sum I realise, but I don’t eat too much fruit and although too much fruit can be a problem to include 1 or 2 portions particularly berries is a great way to increase the colour and therefore anti-oxidants in your diet.

Friday just what I need Lunch with a friend at local cafe, Whats cooking, what better way to increase my diversity with their delicious colourful salads which are so inspiring.

So how did I get on here are the results.  Strangely enough I made it to the 50 – can you?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Oats Mushrooms Blueberries Nothing new! Dried blackcurrents!
Chia seeds Nothing else new! Children Centre Lunch (in my Granola)
Cocoa Lunch Mackeral Nothing new! Lunch
Lunch Left Overs Samphire Snack Salmon
Lettuce Dinner Lunch Brazil Nuts Cabbage
Cucumber Trout Rocket Hazle Nuts Pumpkin
Raddish Potato Dinner Almonds Nectarine
Avocado Sweet Potato Pack Choy Dinner
Parsley Brocoli Pepper Really struggling
Tomato Peas Carrotts Tofu
Egg Strawberries Lentils Mangetout
Kimchi Coconut Yoghurt Tahini Sweetcorn
Olives Miso
Olive Oil